Bank lease car for sale in Islamabad

Car Lease

A lease is a virtually long-term rental of a brand variety latest-vehicle, customarily for around 2 or 4 years, for the fastened monthly recompense. After selecting the car you want, You shall cross-question to determine the inceptive, also known as the initial payment, to be repaid before your agreement start-up. The annually-based distance cap is then concerted between you and the vehicle supplier, which can be anywhere.

Car leased in Pakistan by bank


Dubai Islamic bank is a private limited Bank. Dubai Islamic bank lease a car financing bank in Pakistan. They have a minimal spread and minimum repayment with long-term agreements. The bank exact provides a service car leased in Pakistan.

  • They provide a minimum lease car base indemnity rate compared to any bank.
  • The payment scheme with the occupancy alternative roving from 1 to 8 years.
  • Not only a monthly borrow repayment will be constructed by the client before the convey of a car in advance from booking a car.
  • Ready for the convey and will be advance lease a car booking provision.
  • Available for fresh or useable car customers, local or imported cars.


Faysal bank is the 2nd endorsed bank for auto economics; Faysal bank provides you with workable and easily custom-built terms to fit your distinctive necessity.

    • Fast and inconvenience free of clarifying the application.
    • Elastic in the selection of lease a car local and imported.
    • I bought a new or usable car, just like the old versions.
    • Exhaustive indemnity description from supposed allowance organizations.


Bank Alfalah registers itemized as one of the best car economics banks in Pakistan with the minimum loan. Bank Alfalah is the 3rd bank for auto economics in Pakistan. Alfalah leased car economics provides service in minimum packages. They have been the best and fixed markup as a contrast overdraft service provider.

  • One customer can buy a new car, or useable much has been imported.
  • Choose a monthly repayment procedure from the multiple.
  • We fixed as well as the unsteady rates option to serve every time on budget.
  • Pay as much for the better much you like with the downwards payment workable.
  • Exhaustive indemnity charges for a complete reconciliation of mind.
  • Apply with the minimum instrument and inconvenience free of expeditious clarifying.


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