General Ledger




Record all transactions of your Company

Maintaining a general ledger is an essential part of a business’s bookkeeping. A general ledger, also known as “the book of final entry,” is a record of a company’s financial transactions. They are listed as debits or credits, known as a double-entry system and validated by a trial balance.

Accountants, company managers, analysts, investors and other stakeholders use general ledgers to assess a company’s financial performance.

General Ledger Module is comprehensive module that includes detailed and important accounts features for example chart of accounts, General ledger, Day book, cash book, cash flow, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and basic voucher entry. User can check details of any transaction affect into General Ledger.

Key Features of General Ledger

1. Four Level Chart of Account

2. Daily Expense

3. Handle (BPV,CPV,BRV,CRV,JVS etc)

4. General ledger

5. Range Ledger (ledger of multiple heads at a time)

6. Customer Ledger with bill  & payment detail

7. Supplier Ledger with bill & payment detail

8. Trail balances of any level of chart of account , various format available

9. Day book

10. Daily transactions all and voucher type wise

11. Expense Report of all levels

12. Cash book various format also separate report of cash out and cash in

13. Profit & Loss accumulated, comparative & Branch Wise if you have multiple business branches

14. Balance Sheet accumulated , comparative & Branch wise if you have multiple business branches

15. Cash Flow & Worth Report

16. Bank Reconciliations, Suppler

17. Fixing/limitation of various expenses