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Start communicating with your customers through professional and effective Leasing Software solutions. We provide online & Off-line Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] Solutions, we can help you manage your internal and external resources; and nurture your company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects.

General Ledger Module

Maintaining a general ledger is an essential part of a business’s bookkeeping. A general ledger, also known as “the book of final entry,” is a record of a company’s financial transactions. They are listed as debits or credits, known as a double-entry system and validated by a trial balance.

Accountants, company managers, analysts, investors and other stakeholders use general ledgers to assess a company’s financial performance.

General Ledger Module is comprehensive module that includes detailed and important accounts features for example chart of accounts, General ledger, Day book, cash book, cash flow, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and basic voucher entry. User can check details of any transaction affect into General Ledger.

Key Features of General Ledger Module

1. Four Level Chart of Account

2. Daily Expense

3. Handle (BPV,CPV,BRV,CRV,JVS etc)

4. General ledger

5. Range Ledger (ledger of multiple heads at a time)

6. Customer Ledger with bill  & payment detail

7. Supplier Ledger with bill & payment detail

8. Trail balances of any level of chart of account , various format available

9. Day book

10. Daily transactions all and voucher type wise

11. Expense Report of all levels

12. Cash book various format also separate report of cash out and cash in

13. Profit & Loss accumulated, comparative & Branch Wise if you have multiple business branches

14. Balance Sheet accumulated , comparative & Branch wise if you have multiple business branches

15. Cash Flow & Worth Report

16. Bank Reconciliations, Suppler

17. Fixing/limitation of various expenses

Inventory Module

An inventory management system optimizes inventory levels and ensures product availability across multiple channels. It provides a single, real-time view of items, inventory and orders across all locations and selling channels.

Inventory Module is a comprehensive system that use to handle all Inventory transactions, FQMS B1 maintain unique serial number & Lot inventory system, You can view stock reports by Products, by category, by brand, by Type or  by item code), user can also check available stock by supplier.



Key Features of Inventory Module

1.Goods Receipt Note

2.stock issue Requisition

3.internal stock receive etc.

4.stock in transit

5.Stock In Hand

6.Stock Reconciliation

7.Stock Aging

8.Region, zone, branch wise stock positioning

9.Item ledger

10.Back date stock tracking

11.Supplier wise stock position

12.Tracking of any single item

13.Tracking of serial or batch number

14.Maintain minimum, maximum & re order levels

15.Implementation of barcoded inventory

16.Import unique serial numbers or IMI’s at the time of GRN

17.Stock reports available in various status (New, Damage, in transit & stock in complaint)

Purchase Module

Purchasing helps companies automate and record the steps in the purchasing cycle. It allows users to better manage the purchasing process and automatically links purchasing functions with accounting functions. … Purchasing  integrates with ERP systems, accounting software, and inventory control software, Purchase Module handle all processes of purchases system. it includes, maintain supplier profile with business policy, supplier groups, supplier opening balance, Supplier Price List etc.

Key Features of Purchase Module

1.Purchase Order

2.Delivery Schedule

3.Pending Purchase Orders

4.Down payments against PO

5.Supplier Payments


6.Incentives calculation & posting of suppliers

7.Many reports regarding purchase

8.Supplier Ledger

9.Payable aging, payable due, over due, payment schedule & payable summary

Sale Module

Sales management software helps automate sales procedures and redundant tasks, such as attaining leads, quotes, conversions, and generating periodic sales reports. Collecting key sales information in an Excel sheet is tedious and time consuming. With sales management software you can seamlessly calculate key sales performance indicators (KPIs), including lead time, conversion rates, and win-loss ratio. Sales management software can give you a detailed picture of your sales team’s work on different products, services, locations, and customers.

Sales module is used to post entries related to cash and credit sale. Sales module show details of credit and cash sales, maintaining of customer profile with business policy, Customer group, customer group wise price list with three type of prices (Retail, SM & Fixed).

Sales module also can be integrated with FBR to post sales tax return directly to FBR portal.


Key Features of Sale Module

1.Sales Inquiry

2.Sales Quotation

3.Sales Order / Booking

4.Cash & Credit Sale posting

5.Sales Return

6.Down Payment

7.Customer Payments Receiving

8.Pending Sales Detail


10.Customer Ledger

11.Sales Register, Region wise, zone wise & branch wise

12.Category wise, brand wise, product wise and model wise sales detail & summary

13.Supplier’s wise item sales

14.Define credit limit & credit days

15.Allow sales through barcode scanning

Lease Module

Lease module is used to handle all transactions related to Lease in step by step process. User can check details of processing, deliveries, installment collection, and recovery performance. Outstand is the most important feature of lease module that show details of customers with due amount, balance of each month so company can easily recover its due amount.

Key Features of Lease Module

1.Lease processing & CNIC verification

2.Customer/guarantors detail information form.

3.Delivery form.

4.Installment collection form.

5.Outstand payment.

6.Sales, Inquiry and recovery performance detail & summary

7.Auto Recovery inquiry/verification and recovery incentive calculation

8.Block list and slow account list maintenance

9.Live Accounts detail 

10.Branch business summary

11.CRC verification

12.Customer detail & ledger

13.Region, zone , branch and employee wise reporting

14.Integration of SMS send mobile app

15.Integration of collection/recovery app

16.Integration of inquiry/verification app

17.Geographical location of customer

A lease management software assists in eradicating the difficulty including into customized your real territory leases. Retaining tabs on every lease in accordance with the disparate can be a formidable chore. The organization also has been necessary to ensure that the contract will all of the latest lease ordinances set by the administration jurisdiction from period to period. Most real territory organizations are required to be revealed the concussion of their stream and future lease in accordance with their investment declaration.

Alternative as a successful and applicable lease management software hangs on the nature, font, and functioning of your unique real demesne forecast. Although, some of the widespread responsibility that is all of unique lease management software following instructions:

Retain all of the difficult leases communicate:

With all of the mechanized notice in attendance as any lease accounting software, you don’t habituate running to the menace out of the craving for the latest and upgrades. This lease software can support output and remind you of your beginning and appointment assortment and rent-free time-zone.

The software makes it easy to managed disparate necessary property data. You will be impressive data such as the property preservation, lease at the recommence and will be cease date. Retain route of these data is necessary for the well organized management of your contract properties.

The functioning ingredient of lease management software enable to the diplomatic function of the activities related to your resources.

  1. Come with online entrance where you can assist your organization and itemized.
  2. Boundless user description for your brigade to distant access to the software.
  3. Take the useful movables data.
  4. Allocation and market is necessary instrument with occupant and possessor throughout the file reference collection.

You can easily to recant data and exact traces the fundamental description across at the  lease software management system. When will be inter the data, you will have been provide overriding detail that the system will be process and decide the necessary describe that you would b recollect.

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