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The Age of Smart business

Your business is a 24/7 operation and it needs to be treated as such. Mobile applications allow you to operate with this mentality. We facilitate in developing salable and robust applications. Our engineering team skilled in latest technologies helps in developing applications faster, better and cheaper.

Design Process

The FQMS Recovery App Mobile Version.

Individually show all assigned outstand to recovery offcer

Live Collection of Installments

SMS to Customer on collection of Installments

Print Collection receipt through blue tooth printer

Recovery Officer Performance

Share Collection receipt on WhatsApp

Recovery Officer Sale Comparison

View customer ledger, customer information, pic and item detail

View Guarantor information

Recovery Officer Sale detail

The FQMS SMS App Mobile Version.

Mobile SMS Template

You can create cash sale, lease sale, Lease Collection, outstand report, installment collection with utilization of with different methods.

Message Load Template.

You can save outstand messages, like fresh, regular etc. You can send these outstand messages customer mobile, guarantor Number. 

FQMS SMS Application Batch Wise System

After Saving your Messages, login your SMS Application. Load your Messages, deletion, and savings, marketing outstand SMS Instantly.

Protect Your Data from FQMS Inquiry App.

FQMS. Customer Inquiry App

FQMS Inquiry App

FQMS Customer Inquiry App

Get your Customer Fqms From Inquiry App

After the selection of customer info option, you will go to the FQMS inquiry home page.

FQMS Customer Inquiry

Get your Customer Information

After the selection of customer info option from home page button, you can collect customer information from their inquiry no, like Name, CNIC, Company name, Salary, Designation, corporation and their corporation designation.

After the collection of customer information, if you want to be get Guarantor Information, Press on to the Customer Operations. You will be gone to the Booking Operation > Go to Customer Guarantor  option

FQMS Inquiry App

FQMS Inquiry App Guarantor Information

After choosing the customer guarantor option, you will be get the home page of customer guarantor information form, their will be you can get customer guarantor information like, Occupation, Business name, Cell No, and much more. get customer cheques like to be add new customer cheque, or their list, enter the cheque number, you will be get customer detail like, cheque date, Bank name, Cheque Amount, Cheque type, and cheque for, save and reset customer data.

FQMS Inquiry app

FQMS Customer Pending Inquiry, Customer Pic's

Go to the FQMS Inquiry App home page, and If you want to be customer/ Guarantor picture, then press on to the “Cust Pics” and their Pending Inquiries.

The FQMS Management Mobile App Version.

Get your Outstand, & Collection and Pending Cash

You can be view your data with the help of detail, cash in, cash out, and overall closing balance. Total Payable, and Receivable balance, opening, current, and closing balance. You can view your overall outstand stand with the help of Bar Chart, and Pie Chart.

FQMS Management Mobile App

Get your FQMS Management Receivable and Payable List Collection.

You can collect Receivable and Payable list your data with the help of FQMS Management Mobile App Version.

FQMS Management Mobile App

You can View Your Sale Target of Achievement.

You can Get your monthly sale target, Achievement, Pending Balance. 

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