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Asset finance and leasing software tailored for real estate developers and housing societies

Assets Finance Detail and leasing software tailored for real estate developers and housing societies can greatly
streamline operations related to property management, financial tracking, and lease management.
Installment sales management software is a valuable tool for businesses that offer customers the
flexibility to pay for high-value assets over time. It simplifies the sales process, enhances customer
experience, and improves financial tracking and management. When choosing such software, consider
factors such as customization options, integration capabilities, and user-friendliness.

Key Details

Use Case: Businesses selling assets to customers who prefer to pay in installments rather than upfront..

Benefits: Improved customer access, increased sales opportunities, reduced administrative burden, and
enhanced financial tracking. service.

Key Features:

Case Management Software - FQMSYS
Product Catalog:

Create a catalog of assets finance detail available for sale, including detailed descriptions, images, and specifications.

Customer Management:

Maintain customer records, contact information, and purchase history, customer picture, thumb, guarantor, nominee, payment postdated cheques etc
Track customer balances, payments, and due dates.

Payment Processing:

Accept payments through various methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and checks.
Automatic calculation of installment amounts and tracking of payments.

Pricing and Payment Plans:

Set the selling price of assets and define installment payment plans based on the assets value and desired payment period.
Specify down payment amounts, installment frequencies (monthly, quarterly, yearly, on balloting, you can define any kind of payment etc.), and total payment duration.

Quoting and Proposals:

Generate quotes or proposals for potential buyers, outlining the asset's details, payment plan, and terms.

Automated Reminders:

Send automated reminders to customers about upcoming payments and due dates.
Minimize late payments and improve customer satisfaction.

Reporting and Analytics:

Generate reports on sales, payment collection, outstanding balances, and revenue projections.
Gain insights into sales trends and customer behavior.


Customize payment plans based on individual customer preferences and negotiations.
Adjust terms as needed for special cases.


Send notifications and communications to customers regarding payment reminders, account updates, and promotions.

Document Generation:

Generate and automate the creation of installment agreements, payment schedules, and receipts.
Ensure accurate documentation for legal and financial purposes.

Credit Assessment:

Integrate with credit assessment services to evaluate customers creditworthiness before approving installment sales.
Reduce the risk of default.

Mobile Access:

Offer mobile apps or responsive design to allow customers to access their accounts and make payments on the go.

leasing sofware mobile dashboard -fqmsys

Integrate with accounting systems to ensure accurate financial recording and reporting.
Sync customer data with CRM systems for improved customer relationship management..

Customer App:

Provide customers with a self-service mobile application to view their payment history, current balance, and upcoming payment schedule.
Customer can made Payment via digital payment plate forms like easy paisa, jazz cash, online bank etc

Security and Compliance:

Implement security measures to protect customer data, financial information, and sensitive documents.
Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Project Management:

Project management offer define any current or coming project, you can define multiple projects with
your ERP system, each project has their own processes and stages.

The construction process for a building or housing society involves several stages that contribute to the
overall cost estimation. Properly understanding and estimating costs at each stage is crucial for effective
budgeting and financial planning. Here an outline of the construction process and stages for costing
You can define various stages and process for time planning and costing propose

01  Feasibility and Planning:

02 Preliminary Design and Site Preparation:

03 Foundation and Infrastructure:

04  Structural Construction:

05 Interior and Exterior Finishes:

06  Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Systems:

07 Furnishing and Equipment:

08 Contingency and Miscellaneous Costs:

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