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Case management system
for Lawers and law firms

Case management software is designed to help organizations efficiently manage and track the progress
of various cases or projects.

commonly used in legal firms, social services agencies, healthcare
organizations, customer support centers, and more. Here are the key details and features of case
management software:
Case management software offers a centralized solution for organizations to manage complex processes
and tasks efficiently. The specific features you need will depend on your organization & requirements
and the nature of the cases you manage.

Key Details

Purpose: To streamline and automate the management of cases, projects, or workflows.

Users: Typically used by professionals handling complex cases, projects, or tasks.

Benefits: Improved organization, collaboration, efficiency, and tracking of case progress.

Key Features:

Case Management Software - FQMSYS
Case Tracking:

Centralized repository for storing and organizing case-related information, documents, and communication. Ability to assign unique identifiers to cases for easy reference.

Document Management:

Upload, store, and organize documents related to each case. Version control and access controls to ensure data security.

Collaboration Tools:

Shared calendars, discussion boards, and chat features to facilitate communication among team members. Real-time collaboration to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Task Management:

Assignment of tasks to specific team members or departments. Creation of workflows with defined steps and dependencies to guide case progression.

Communication Tracking:

Logging and tracking of all communication related to a case, including emails, notes, and messages. Communication history for reference and audit purposes.


Automate routine tasks and notifications based on predefined triggers or events. Increase efficiency by reducing manual intervention.


Ability to tailor the software to match the organization's specific case management processes. Customizable data fields, forms, and templates.

Reminders and Alerts:

Automated alerts and notifications for approaching deadlines, milestones, or critical events. Minimize the risk of missing important actions.

Security and Access Control:

Role-based access control to restrict access to sensitive case information. Data encryption and security features to protect sensitive data..

Reporting and Analytics:

Generation of reports to track case progress, team performance, and outcomes. Data visualization tools to analyze trends and patterns.


Integration with other software systems like CRM, document management, or accounting software. Seamless data exchange to avoid duplicate data entry.

Mobile Access:

Access to case information, updates, and communication on mobile devices. Stay connected even while on the go.

Case Management Software - FQMSYS
Case Management Software - FQMSYS
Search and Retrieval:

Advanced search capabilities to quickly locate specific case details or documents. Facilitates easy retrieval of information.


Ability to handle a growing number of cases and users without compromising performance.

Post Payments:

Any incoming or outgoing payments can be managed

Audit Trail:

Detailed record of all actions and changes made to a case. Enhances transparency and accountability.

Post Bills:

You can post bills for your clients/business partner

Expenses posting:

Daily expenses can be post for expenses tracking and management

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