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Multi Branch ERP
for Hire Purchase Business

When choosing multibranch retail ERP for Hire Purchase Business, consider factors like ease of use,
customer support, scalability, and pricing. Conduct thorough research and consider demos or trials to
ensure that the software aligns with your business requirements and can efficiently handle the
complexities of managing multiple locations.
hire purchase multi-branch software for a business that offers hire purchase services typically involves
various back-office features to manage operations efficiently across multiple branches

FQMS B1 is a Multibranch ERP for Hire Purchase Business

FQMS B1 is a Multibranch ERP for Hire Purchase Business, also known as multi-location installment
software, is a specialized type of software designed to manage and streamline operations for hire
purchase businesses with multiple store locations. This software integrates various aspects of retail and
hire purchase management, including

  • sales and customer data
  • purchase
  • inventory control
  • General Ledger
  • HR/Payroll
  • Customer Complaint
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Banking
  • A/C Payables
  • A/C Receivables
  • Assets Finance/leasing
  • Assets owner ship transfer and legal

and thousands of reporting, across all branches.

FQMS B1 multibranch retail software include:

BUSINESS SOLUTION Right Solution for Leasing & Cash Business Mobile overview - FQMSYS
Inventory Management:

Centralized inventory management across all branches, allowing real-time tracking of stock levels, restocking, and transfers between locations.

Multi-store Reporting:

Comprehensive reporting and analytics that provide insights into sales performance, inventory turnover, and other critical metrics for each store individually and across all branches.

Integration with E-commerce:

Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms to manage online sales and synchronize inventory between online and physical stores.

Point of Sale (POS):

Robust and user-friendly POS system that supports barcode scanning, multiple payment options, discounts. Cash and credit sales.

Customer Management:

A unified customer database that helps track customer information, purchase history, and preferences, enabling personalized marketing efforts.

Purchase and Vendor Management:

Streamlined purchasing process with automated reordering, vendor management, and tracking of purchase orders.

Security and Data Protection:

Strong security measures to protect sensitive data, especially when dealing with multiple locations and shared resources.

Employee Management:

Tools for managing staff across multiple locations, including scheduling, performance tracking, and access control.

Integration with Accounting Software:

Integration with accounting software to streamline financial operations and ensure accurate reporting.

Centralized Pricing and Promotions:

Ability to set pricing and promotions consistently across all stores from a central admin interface.


The FQMS B1 scalable to accommodate the growth of your business, adding new locations and managing a larger volume of data without performance issues.

Mobile Accessibility:

FQMS B1 retail software solutions offer mobile apps or browser-based access, allowing owners and managers to monitor and manage stores on the go.

Multi Branch ERP for retail Business -- FQMSYS

FQMS Business one Key Features and Add Ons:

  • FQMS B1 is integrated centralized web base fully secured management system
  • Integration of standalone bio matric devices for attendance at any branch
  • One clicks supplier incentives calculation
  • One clicks payroll & incentive calculation
  • Branch level profit product wise, brand wise or category wise
  • Record Change Tracking system
  • Branch Level Stock, Cash, Expenses & Receivable System
  • User Based Customized Dashboard with various KPI’s
  • Inventory Aging
  • Payable & Receivable Aging
  • Stock with various tag normal stock, damage stock, stock in complaint & fixed assets
  • You can also create services invoices & also can schedule auto recuring of invoices
  • A single chart of accounts, product list, price list for all branch-wise data segregation
  • Instant company-wide reports and analysis
  • Attachments of any documents for audit and evidence of record
  • Generating non conformity against any record
  • Proper record edit and deletion reasoning
  • Integration of sales tax with FBR (Add On)
  • integration with FQMS B1 collection/recovery mobile applications (Add On)
  • Comprehensive SMS module integrated with SMS mobile applications (Add On)
  • Integration of FQMS B1 with Management App (Add On)
  • FQMS B1 offer integration with client e-commerce site (Add On)

Branch System


Branch can manage sales either cash or credit
Collection of payment due
Manage sales return
Manage down payments from customer
Sales inquiry
Sales quotations
Order orders/booking
sales invoice
sales delivery
Sales returns

Hire Purchase/Leasing

CNIC verification and customer history and analysis
Approval of customer order credit evaluation
Customer data along with guarantors, and paid check if any
Sales approval
Sales invoice and delivery
Customer collection
Customer outstanding and due
Recovery performance of employees
Customer pic, thumb registration
Product verification after sales
Sales transfer
Daily closing


Stock Issue Request
Branch can send stock issue request to head office or any other branch, after the approval of stock issue request, branch
can issue stock to requesting branch
Stock movement, stock issue to head office or any other branch, receive from head office or from any other branch
Branch can view Stock in transit, issued from head office or any other branch not yet received.
Goods Receipt Note, branch can receive goods ordered by Head office from any specific supplier

General Ledger

Branch can post their daily expenses however head office can define daily, weekly, monthly or yearly limitation of
expenses for every branch
Funds transfer to Head office
Branch can view their funds in transit issued from head office or from any other branch
Branch can post other income occurred from any activity other than sales
Branch closing at the end of day

Back-office System

  • Back-office system or head office system designed to control all the operations of the system and keep track of
    transaction, typically all users defined, managed and assigned rights in head office
  • Generating purchase order and assigning and scheduling stock dispatch to branches
  • Payable and payment posting
  • Stock issue request approval
  • Credit approval and business partner profile
  • Reconciliation of bank statement
  • Reconciliation of stocks
  • Reconciliation of suppliers, customers and any ledger
  • Analysis of sales, stock etc
  • Analysis of employees’ performance, maintaining employee profile and salary calculation, disbursement of funds,
    Generating all financial reports

Customer System:

Through FQMS B1 customer app (add on) customer can view ledger, pay online payments, get
notification, customer can send any sales inquiry

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